The White Patriot Party Proudly Presents...

A White Man Speaks Out

The former leader of the largest active
White Rights Group in the United States,
Speaks out for White America. F.Glenn Miller

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  1. Ponderable Quotes
  2. A Message to White Youth
  3. Introduction
  4. Chapter 1: Joining My First Racist Group (1974)
  5. Chapter 2: Becoming A Nazi
  6. Chapter 3: The Greensboro Shootout (November 3, 1979)
  7. Chapter 4: Starting My Own Group: The Carolina Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan
  8. Chapter 5: The Murder Of Klansman David Edward Wallace
  9. Chapter 6: $1 Million Dollar Lawsuit, Morris Dees, And The Beginning Of My Downfall
  10. Chapter 7: Running For Governor
  11. Chapter 8: Shotgun Blasts Fired Into My Home
  12. Chapter 9: Rallies In Indian Territory: Robeson County
  13. Chapter 10: $200,000 Cash Donation And Meeting "The Silent Brotherhood"
  14. Chapter 11: Hiding Out A Murderer Of Alan Berg
  15. Chapter 12: The White Patriot Party
  16. Chapter 13: Sentenced To Prison And Forcibly Exiled From The Racist Movement
  17. Chapter 14: Going Underground And To Prison
  18. Chapter 15: White Women
  19. Chapter 16: Christianity
  20. Chapter 17: My Predictions Should The Jews Continue To Rule
  21. Closing Message To The White Man
  22. Bottom Line Facts
  23. War Declaration



This book is dedicated to my daddy, the honorable Frazier Glenn Miller, Sr. From the rebel state of South Carolina the man I most wanted to be like when I was a child, and wish I had been now that I'm an old man Strong, decent, intelligent, honest, and brave, the man I admire above all others. And he taught me what I know. And,




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Note: 75% of this book was written during my imprisonment (1987-90), the remainder in 1999, and was delivered to the printer on October 4, 1999.

1999-2008 by F.Glenn Miller, White Patriot Party. All rights reserved.