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Www.Storeopinion.CA No Frills & Real Canadian Superstore Survey - WHTY

Www.Storeopinion.CA No Frills & Real Canadian Superstore Survey

Did you know that as you buy anything at Loblaw stores, you stand a chance to do their customer survey? The simple and fun-to-do survey lets you give your views about the services you get at Loblaws.

This article will focus on the survey’s rules and needs, possible rewards, and how to do it. But first, let’s understand what the Storeopinion.CA No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore customer survey means.

Www.Storeopinion.CA No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore Survey

It’s where the Loblaws store offers loyal customers a chance to win amazing prizes through a survey. Here, you can give opinions on how much the supermarket satisfies you as a customer.

The Storeopinion.CA Loblaw’s survey takes around five to seven minutes. Expect your views and feedback to help the supermarket offer better services. Also, it will help Loblaws make their stores look great.

While taking part in the Storeopinion.CA No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore survey, don’t worry about your data safety. This survey runs on a secure technology platform that Loblaws manages.

How to Finish the Www.Storeopinion.CA Survey?

Taking part in Storeopinion.CA No Frills or Real Canadian Superstore survey isn’t an uphill task. Expect to enjoy your time, and you’d yearn to do it again by completing it.

So, here’s how you’ll give your opinions about Loblaw’s. You can do it in two easy ways. It’s through your mobile phone and the internet.

StoreOpinion Survey via Telephone Way

As for the telephone method, it’s cheap, and you can use it without a receipt. You’ll start by dialing 1-800-531-2928, and the supermarket’s care team will request your receipt’s barcode. The code you’ll enter has 19-21 digits.

But what if you don’t have a receipt to give you the code? Worry less because you can still do the survey. Tell the support team you are a genuine customer who has lost the receipt.

After that, the care team will ask you about the store where you bought the item and its location. Then, they’ll allow you to take part in the survey.

Also, get a free Burger by doing Burger King Survey.

StoreOpinion Survey Over the Internet

This method is also cheap because the internet is available in most areas. Follow these steps to take part in this online survey.

  1. After shopping at Loblaws, you’ll get a 19-digit code on your receipt. Still, you can proceed with the Storeopinion.CA survey without the code. Go to the website and search in the box next to ‘Don’t have a receipt.’
  2. The site will load on the next page. Here, you’ll have the chance to choose the store you’d want to give your reviews to. Remember to give your honest opinion about the store you choose.
  3. Please pick up a Loblaws store and click on next.
  4. Choose a date when you visited the last Loblaw branch. Press the time and the next button.
  5. If you choose no, you won’t be able to continue with the survey. Choose yes to get another entry to the competition and click on next.
  6. It’s from here that you’ll be able to join the survey. Expect the survey to ask you about your feedback as you enter your honest thoughts. These answers will help Loblaws supermarket to know where to improve in the future.
  7. Once you complete the survey, the site will direct you to a new page. Expect to see an option that allows you to see the draws’ rules and instructions. Still, you can click on ‘I have read and approved the rules and wish to join this draw.’
  8. The site will ask you to enter your first and last names, addresses, phone numbers, and email. Your winning odds rise when the site mentions your name as a participant in the online raffle. You’ll receive the news by phone.
Www Storeopinion CA No Frills Real Canadian Superstore Survey

Www.Storeopinion.CA Participation Requirements

If you’d love to do the Loblaw survey, ensure you check out the laws. From here, you’ll know if you are eligible to take part. Read on to see the survey’s rules.

  1. You must be a legal Canadian citizen and at least 18 years old.
  2. You must have shopped at any of the Loblaw stores and have a valid receipt. The receipt helps you get a passcode that permits you to do the survey.
  3. Loblaw’s staff, employees, and sponsors aren’t eligible for the survey.
  4. Not everything you buy at the store gives you a direct ticket to win the sweepstakes. Also, buying more items won’t increase your chances of winning.
  5. The survey’s offer is void in places the law doesn’t allow.
  6. The Loblaw survey receipt is only valid for 7 days after you shop at the supermarket.
  7. You must complete the survey in a limited period.
  8. For you to win any sweepstakes, you must complete the survey.
  9. The surveys only allow one entry per person.
  10. You can’t exchange the gift card you win for cash or any other alternative.

When do the StoreOpinion Survey Draw Periods Occur?

During the whole contest period, expect twelve separate draws. Each draw takes one month and starts from the start to the end of the month.

Also, the Storeopinion survey has a separate random draw for each month. The lucky draw occurs within the first fourteen days of each month. If there are any non-winning entries, the supermarket won’t carry them until next month.

Www.Storeopninion.CA Rewards

Like the surveys from the other stores, you must get a gift to thank you for your time. The prizes for the Storeopinion.CA Loblaws include:

  1. A $1000 cash every month
  2. A credit of at least 1 million PCs to your account.

What are Loblaw’s Customer Service Numbers?

The supermarket’s customer care numbers are 1-800-296-2332 for Ontario and 1-800-567-8683 for Quebec. Both of them are toll-free. You can call every weekday from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM. Their fax is 905-861-2387, and the PC express number is 1-844-295-8219

How does Loblaw Select the Winners?

For every twelve draw periods, there are separate winners. Also, for each draw, there are two prize winners. So, for the whole contest period, there are twenty-four prize winners.

Is the Stereopinion.CA Loblaw Survey available in 2022?

Yes, in 2022, the Loblaws supermarket survey will be available. Also, expect it to be present in the coming years.

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