"To secure the existence of my people, and a future for White children"


When elected, I'll sit down with White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian representatives, and with reasonable minority civil rights leaders, and negotiate with them, free from jewish interference. And I'll say this to


"All I want is the "13 words" - To secure the existence of my people, and a future for White children. And in order to achieve the 13 words, I'm asking for your support in implementing certain federal actions I will initiate in the US Senate and before the American people. In exchange for your support, I will fully support your own agendas to improve the lives of your own peoples, including of course, ending the mass murders of millions of black and brown peoples in jew wars against Islam, and preventing American and Israeli nuclear annihilations of Muslim countries and the deaths of countless millions of black and brown muslim peoples.

Insane attacks that will most assuredly be avenged against the American people, as the Israelis and international jewry so desperately crave"

Among my initiatives in the US Senate will be:

1) To bring American troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and from dozens of other countries, and to station at least 250,000 on our southern border to stop the invasion from South America, in compliance with Article 4 Section

4 of the US Constitution which states: "The federal government shall protect each state from invasion."

2) To establish strictly enforced federal laws that will imprison American employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. One year mandatory imprisonment and $50,000.00 fine, minimum sentence on each count.

3) To provide each family of illegal aliens with a lump sum payment of $2,500.00 each, and free transportation back to their native countries, implemented in a slow, peaceful, well organized manner over period of 3-5 years.

4) To establish Affirmative Action Laws for White Americans that will provide large financial incentives in exchange for producing White children. And implemented until the White birthrate reaches replacement level which is 2.2 children per family and up from the present genocidal level of 1.4, or becomes equal to the birthrates of non-white Americans.

5) To bring about a federal proclamation of a White History Month, that will include the mandatory teaching of true White history, using books and other media produced by proven White patriots, in schools and universities, nationwide.

6) To abolish all laws that prohibit White people from establishing and living and working inside White areas and neighborhoods in order to produce environments conducive to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and consequently, White procreation.

7) To pass federal laws aimed at producing a fair and equal distribution of American mass media outlets, based on the actual racial composition of the country. Jews are only 2 percent of the US population, yet they control the entire media establishment, while gentiles who represent 98 percent, control none at all that are free from subversive jewish influence and pressures. Huge federal efforts will be exercised initially to insure that at least one major TV network is controlled by each of the

5 major gentile races - White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and American Indian.

Adequate federal funding will assist each in establishing viable TV network enterprises.

8) I'll work with all gentile representatives and all gentile civil rights groups, to expose the jewish domination of the US government, the mass media, the federal reserve bank, and the decadent American culture.

Domination with which jews work for Israeli interests and to advance jewish interests worldwide, at the expense of, and to the detriment of the

98 percent gentile population of America.

9) To establish and strictly enforce laws that will effectively combat, and severely punish the purveyors of jewish produced filth, pornography, and degeneracy in the mass media. Which are destroying the lives of so many millions of youths of all gentile races and making America unfit for decent, law-abiding gentiles.

10) To cut off all American aid to Israel, while supporting the Palestinian people against the atrocities and mass murders committed by the racist, jewish supremacist, bandit state of Israel, which according to many Orthodox jewish leaders, should not exist in the first place.

American should make friends with Arab countries that produce oil, not with the "country" that produces nothing but wars, bloodshed, poverty, starvation, and mass murders in the middle east, and around the world.

Arab countries will then be far more reasonable with us, when they set the price of oil and gas. Then, we will have no need for so-called "homeland security" to protect us from Islam, thereby saving America trillions of dollars.

11) To either abolish the Federal Reserve Bank, or else place an honest, capable gentile as Chairman. During the entire 93 years of it's existence, the Federal Reserve Bank has never had a gentile Chairman. Every single Chairman was jewish. This new gentile Chairman will then conduct a full, closely monitored, audit, and make his honest findings known to the American people.

12) To establish extensive and frequent dialogue, highly covered by the mass media, between gentile leaders of all races, free from jewish sabotage and influence. Daily lengthy TV discussions among reasonable gentiles to improve race relations, and to prevent nationwide rioting and unspeakable atrocities and bloodshed, when the economy inevitably collapses, causing social welfare programs to be greatly reduced, if not cut off altogether. Jews will always fame the flames of racial hatred and violence between all gentile races. They will continue to sic us on each other, for the simple reason, it insures that the minute jewish minority will remain far more powerful and influential than any other ethnic group.

Divide and conquer is a powerful jewish weapon.

13) To bring about a full Congressional investigation into the powerful Trotsky, communist, Neo-Con Movement, and to severely punish it's leaders and promoters for lying to the President, the Congress, and to the American people, causing the deaths of thousands of American servicemen and women, and the deaths of millions of innocent muslims, while costing American taxpayers literally trillions of dollars in wars against Islam, and in so-called "Homeland Security". The death penalty and banishment are the most deserving punishments for many of these traitors to America.

14) To initiate laws that will mandate that American company executives who have relocated their companies to foreign countries to take advantage of cheap labor, at the expense of American workers, will either return those companies to the continental United States, or else lose their American citizenships, permanently.

15) To initiate laws that will mandate that American company executives who have outsourced jobs to foreign countries, will be given 90 days to cease such un-American practices, and to hire American citizen replacements, or else be prosecuted and punished with large fines and imprisonment.

16) To segregate American jails and prisons, with guarantees that monies spent to house and care for each inmate is the same, regardless of race.

Millions of young white men have been raped by black inmates, and hundreds of thousands more are raped each year. In all prisons and large jails, racial hostilities, hatreds, and violence are rampant and out of control.

Prison officials no longer even pretend to have the capability to protect inmates from violent racist attacks. Racial integration in jails and prisons have, irrefutably, resulted in many millions of cases of Cruel and Unusual Punishment, in violation of the US Constitution. This 40-year nightmare must be ended.