The White Patriot Party Proudly Presents...

A White Man Speaks Out

The former leader of the largest active
White Rights Group in the United States,
Speaks out for White America. F.Glenn Miller

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War Declaration

Parts of my Declaration of War. Copies of the 2-page declaration were mailed to White Patriot Party members, other White groups, and to the media, politicians, and national and state law enforcement officials, in April 1987.


"I warned those federal SOB's. I told them repeatedly that if ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) framed our leaders that we would wage war against them because war would then be our only hope for the survival of our Race."

"All 5,000 White Patriots are now honor bound to pick up the sword and do battle."

"I, Glenn Miller, this 6th day of April 1987, do herewith declare total war against ZOG."

"I ask for no quarter. I will give none."

"Together, we will cleanse the land of evil, corruption, and mongrels. And, we will build a glorious future and a nation in which all our people can scream proudly, "This land is our land. This people is our people. This God is our God, and these we will defend — One God, One Race, One nation."

"And so, fellow Aryan warriors, strike now. Strike for your homeland. Strike for your Southern honor. Strike for the little children. Strike for your wives and loved ones. Strike for the millions of innocent White babies murdered by Jew-legalized abortion, who cry out from their graves for vengeance. Strike for the millions of our people raped or assaulted or murdered by mongrels. Strike for the millions of our Race butchered in Jew wars. Strike brothers and sisters for all the outrages committed against our people."

"Let the blood of our enemies flood the streets, rivers, and fields of the nation in holy vengeance and justice."

'Those of you who refuse to fight will face the wrath of the God, who orders me."

"Strike the SOB's."

"And, let the battle axes swing smoothly and the bullets whiz true."

"If I fall, bury me in the Old Miller graveyard near Dillon, South Carolina in my Patriot uniform, with my arm raised in the White Power salute, and play the following songs over me, The Old Rugged Cross, Tomorrow Belongs to Me, Ride of the Valkyries, and Dixie."

"I'll see you in Valhalla."


Glenn Miller
Leader, White Patriot Party

copyright 1999, 2005 by F.Glenn Miller, White Patriot Party. All rights reserved.